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Safari magazine the amazing resource of knowledge
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Harshal Publications is reputed publishing house, noted for its informative books and periodicals that educate and enhance creative thinking in younger generation.

Children as well as teenagers have inquisitive minds. They are interested in how the world works and why things happen the way they do. Unfortunately, much of what they learn in school comes to them through the process of learning by rote, whereas it is the learning to think which is the real stuff of education. Besides, they remain constrained by the curriculum, and immense knowledge that lies beyond the defined course of their study is kept out of the classroom.

Through SAFARI (the word literally meaning expedition in search of knowledge), Harshal Publications, a more than 30 years old publishing house initiates thought process in young readers, a vital force not only to counter the passive observation fostered by television-dependent age, but also to give them the upper hand in a highly competitive world.

SAFARI is an innovative monthly that provides the young readers with a wealth of general knowledge. The magazine that covers a remarkable breadth of subjects like natural wonders of the world, animal and plant life, mysteries of the universe, ancient civilization and great inventions and discoveries. Also quizzes and brain bogglers.

With its unique blend of information, SAFARI enhances young readers ability to reason, to visualize, to make intelligent decisions, to solve problems and to think clearly and creatively. It keeps young minds in top shape, which otherwise would be prone to become stiff and sluggish through passive watching of television and movies and through trivial, time-killing pursuits. SAFARI reflects the body of knowledge generally deemed appropriate for children aged 9 to 15 years, though effectively it is a big people/little people magazine. It is designed so that adults and youngsters work together and explore the fascinating world we live in. Compared with social studies, languages and math, general knowledge has been given relatively low priority in out education system. SAFARI is doing its bit to restore equilibrium, because in the talent-driven society of today, knowledge is power. Tomorrow, when the youngsters grow up, it would be even more so.

SAFARI is not a magazine. It is a concept, the kind of which has never existed before.