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Home > Issue No. 68 | October 2013
Issue No. 68 | October 2013
All About – International Space Station
Bitcoin: The virtual currency that exists only in cyberspace
The new currency called bitcoin is gaining more and more accept¬ability worldwide. While the conven¬tional currencies like Dollar, Euro, Pound, Rupee etc. are in form of coins and bank notes, bitcoin is virtual currency which exists only on the internet.
Ferocious dog pit-bull: Man’s friend or foe?
The wild dogs inhabiting jungles were domesticated, looked after and slowly turned into best friends by man. However, one breed of dogs has always had the better of man – that is its violent nature has not been tamed in any way. The name of this ogre is the pit-bull.
The amazing architecture of a master builder wasps’ nest
An insect known as wasp makes its nest thoughtfully and logically. It is so particular while making the nest that the question that pops into our minds quite obviously is who taught this insect to build such a perfect home?
The crows’ court of law where the guilty is sentenced to death
That a crafty and cunning bird like the crow can not only have laws for its species and abide by them but can also punish the law-breakers is nothing short of a ‘Believe-it-or-not’ tale. Nevertheless, this is exactly what happens in the crow world.
Super Quiz: Ten questions about 10
Ten questions about 10
Fact Finder: Q & A on general knowledge
Q & A on general knowledge
A life in the day of mayfly: The insect with the shortest life-span
Bulky creatures such as elephant, whale and tortoise enjoy long life-spans. Some creatures live for a decade or two, but for many, the lifetime means a matter of days only. Among such transitory crea¬tures, the life-span of an insect named mayfly is so short that it is nothing but a ‘flying visit’!
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Issue No. 68 | October 2013
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