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Home > Issue No. 69 | November 2013
Issue No. 69 | November 2013
All About
Living pincushion-like animal: The porcupine
No predatory animal antagonises the thorny porcupine, and if, by mistake, it does then the porcupine punishes it hard. It shoots its sharp quills which stay embedded in the enemy’s flesh for days causing unbearable pain.
World’s largest banyan tree: Spread over an area of four football fields!
A 300-year old banyan tree named ‘Kabirvad’ of Gujarat and ‘The Great Banyan’ tree of Kolkata held the topmost positions in the list of trees having the largest circumference.
How do lost animals and birds find their way home?
Although there are umpteen cases of cats returning home sooner or later after getting lost in strange places tens or hundreds kilometres away, they are not the only animals endowed with this faculty.
Spitting cobra: The sharp-shooter snake that hits the bull’s-eye with venom
A denizen of the animal kingdom whose marksmanship can stand comparison with that of the greatest archer Arjuna, is the spitting cobra inhabiting Africa and South East Asia.
Super Quiz
Unknown history of famous symbols
Vasco da Gama: How did he find the sea route to India?
More than 500 years ago Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama arrived in Calicut. He was the first European to reach India by sea. Here’s the first part of the thrilling story of his historic sea voyage!
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Q & A on general knowledge
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Issue No. 69 | November 2013
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