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Home > Issue No. 71 | January 2014
Issue No. 71 | January 2014
How did colossal dinosaurs get such long necks?
Soylent: The ‘solution’ to life without food!
In the form of a thick shake, Soylent serves as a substitute for conventional diet consisting of cereals, meat, pulses, vegetables and fruits etc. Hence, people who eat in order to live and not the other way round have started adopting it with alacrity.
I.N.S. Vikramaditya: A force multiplier for the Indian Navy
Aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, launched as Admi¬ral Gorshkov the flagship of Russian navy in 1987, has at last joined the Indian Navy after extensive repairs, modernisation and refitting. India has paid dearly for ac¬quiring this aircraft carrier. This deal is worthwhile from strategic point of view in spite of excruciating cost and time overruns. Here’s why—
Trivial inventions that refused to be trivialised
Many scientific inventions have not been heralded with the proverbial ‘Eureka!’ shout of triumph. After being invented, they have silently become part of everyday life and so they are taken for granted more than being appreciated. In spite of this, the importance of such inventions is nothing to sneeze at.
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All About- Google Glass
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Super Quiz:Cool facts about winter
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Issue No. 71 | January 2014
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