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Home > Issue No. 72 | February 2014
Issue No. 72 | February 2014
Passenger pigeons: Will they fly again after 100 years of extinction?
Aircraft carrier: How does it serve as a floating airbase?
Here’s a graphic description of a fighter-bomber’s take-off from and landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier such as INS Vikramaditya and the indigenous INS Vikrant, under construction at Kochi.
Trans-Siberian Railway: The longest train journey in the world
The record for the longest rail travel (9,289 kilometres) was established about 100 years ago by Russia’s Trans-Siberian Train. Till date it remains unbroken. Not just for this record but from the point of view of engineering excellence also no railway can even come close to holding a candle to the greatness of the Trans-Siberian Train.
Toadstools: Flashy to look at but fatal to eat!
The toadstool is not a stool by any means, but neither is it a plant. It is actually a kind of fungus that grows in the wild. Many toadstools are toxic. Some are extremely poisonous. Should man consume them as food, he could meet with a painful death!
Medical miracle of bringing people back from the dead!
Belief that a thin but clear cut line segregates life from death requires reconsideration as one American medical practitioner has restored life in the patients who had died as per the current definition of death.
All About
All About– Origin of the solar system
Super Quiz
Super Quiz: Vibrant Gujarat
Fact Finder
Fact Finder: Q & A on general knowledge
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Issue No. 72 | February 2014
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