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Home > Issue No. 73 | March 2014
Issue No. 73 | March 2014
Super-tall skyscrapers: Scaling new heights; challenging the ‘vertical limit’
Mathematical squares: More of magic than math
In this article, the skills of constructing mathematical magic squares are explained in a fun-filled manner. The information is new, refreshing and surprising. It is presented in such a light manner, that it is guaranteed to brighten up your mood.
Dead Sea: The briny deep that just won’t let you down
There is no dearth of aquatic life in the various oceans and seas of the world. On the other hand, the Dead Sea that lies between Israel and Jordan has no trace of life in it. It has been aptly named – Dead Sea. Read about this natural wonder and know the strange facts attached to it in this article.
Yes, bottled they are, but what about bottleneck?
A golf ball, deck of playing cards, tennis ball, baseball, pocket dictionary, and Rubik’s Cube etc. are definitely larger than the mouth of a conventional glass bottle. There’s no way one can pass these objects through a bottle’s nar¬row mouth. One magician, however, found the way!
Some deeply ingrained but misleading myths with no ‘expiry date’
Famous aphorism, ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself’ is attributed to Hitler’s Minister for propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Not surprisingly, that is what has happened in case of a number of beliefs that have come to bear the label ‘fact’
All About
All About– Mercury
Super Quiz
Super Quiz: International borders of the world
Fact Finder
Fact Finder: Q & A on general knowledge
FYI:Invention & Discovery: X-rays
Invention & Discovery: X-rays
5 Facts About: Great White Shark
Great White Shark
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Issue No. 73 | March 2014
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